Where do you read from?

We all read the Bible differently because we all have different life-experiences that shape us. Community of Readers is a way to celebrate the uniquely valuable perspective that each of us brings (read the 'About' page for more on that).

What life-experiences (that you are willing to share) do you think have shaped the way you read the Bible?

i think the fact the this is

i think the fact the this is a book that is for christians from God.

It's from God.

and it's been the same for christians for years and years and years... and it still speaks to us today, i mean how amazing is that!

main steam book normaly get out dated or old, he bible no. and no matter how many translations are written or how people read it in differant ways it's the the same forever and always.

the bible we're reading now is the same bible that is the pride a joy of tribes in far off places that only have one between a whole village.

the bible is amazing.

the way it is, is the way God placed it together just how God placed us in our towns and homes. he knows what he's doing and what he's talking about...

(sorry i tend to rant)
God bless and i pray you/we all learn so much from our learning of this fantasic book.

Hi Matt, Thanks for setting

Hi Matt,
Thanks for setting this up again. Are you intending to write a commentary as you did last year or was it two years ago? I found that really helpful as a starter.


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Hi Vicki, It was 2006 - I

Hi Vicki,
It was 2006 - I think that makes it 3 years! How time flies. I will be offering my commentary on the Old Testament each week as one contributor, but there will be others as well as the weeks progress. It's really important that we have a good range of voices, but I'm also keen to make sure that there is still a structure to our discussions so that we can keep them interesting for a whole 52 weeks! :o) So watch this space.

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I think that I shall lead the

I think that I shall lead the way in coming clean about the real Matt Valler and show my cards before we really get started.

I am a white suburban male aged 28, married to Rachel and father to Joe (2) and Ena (6months). I have lived in one place for most of my life, except for three fabulous and formative years at London Bible College (now London School of Theology). From 03 - 07 I was Youth & Children's Pastor at Finchampstead Baptist Church and for the last 18 months I have been working for Tearfund as National Youthwork Coordinator (though I should point out that CoR is not a Tearfund project). I'm currently in the closing stages of an MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation at LST and I am an unashamed boffin, interested in everything and incapable of specialising in anything! I believe that all that is good about life can be summed up under the headings of Games, Food and Film and intend to one day write a philosophy proving it.

I suppose all of this has shaped the way I read the Bible, but I am probably most sensitive to issues of power - those who have it and those who do not. My time at Tearfund and my studies on the MA at LST have increasingly opened my eyes to the reality of injustice in the world and the complex way in which the Bible portrays and reacts to it.

I'm realising how hard this question is to answer! I suspect some of the things that most affect my reading may be obvious to everyone else except me!

Matt I would be interested in

Matt I would be interested in osting some commentary stuff as we go thrugh, particualrly the old testiment as we are doing the old testament in our church bible study at the moment. would be great to connect with you on a work basis as I head up a youthwork in yorkshire, and would be good to connect with you some time. looking forward to the commntary stuff and next weeks reading, still up to date, but no big achievement there though, chat soon,


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Im a bit behind on sharing,

Im a bit behind on sharing, but here is a little about my life that i know effects my reading.... First off I live in the U.S.- the culture I live in in America alone affects everything. I have lived most of my life in the beautiful Hill country in Tenneessee, so some of the effects that are quite heart breaking are not so obvious although still present in our "Appalachian mountain city culture."
I have known the Lord for 5 years and in the past year most recently begun my exploration into the Word in a new way, having now been exposed to some teaching and reading on my own. The need for discussion about it, searching through it, and seeking God's character has become a desire also over the past year. I have a twin sister,an older brother, and loving parents. Im a zealous athlete, I love being outside(being where I am his creation is quite loud!!) , I'm an artist ( Finishing my undergrad education in Religion and the Art's) Im most interested in studying the connection of spiritual development in art throughout the ages / along with the study of scripture itself. Im also passionate about community and discipleship. I love learning about people one on one. - I have a hunger for the youth of America(the world really) to see those around them loving Jesus and loving others, and to be encouraged by those around them to know the Lord . My reading is affected currently by a lack of prior reading really just learning how to read the Bible.


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My name is Richard Vicary

My name is Richard Vicary although I tend to go by the name ric or ricvic.

Presently I am IT Manager for a printing company near Reading, UK. I am involved in a Youth Church called Eternity which is part of the Church of England parish of Warfield just outside Bracknell.

As you may have seen from some of my posts I am unsure of where I read from. I guess growing up my theology was fairly fundamental and I saw Jesus as little more than a ticket to heaven lest I end up in hell when I die. My purpose on earth was to tell everyone else they needed Jesus so they too could go to heaven and avoid hell, and while we were here we shouldn't break the law, drink, smoke or have sex outside marriage.

Things changed in my life and I made some decisions that caused me to question my belief framework, ultimately I became very cautious of how I interpret the bible in its message to Christians and especially non Christians, it can't all be about things we shouldn't do and how to get to heaven.

Ever since then I have been on a mission to find out "If Christianity is not simply a list of don'ts and a ticket to heaven then what is it?" It has been a great time for my faith and I'm starting to really catch a glimpse of a more real and relevant good news, it's been a while since I've really immersed myself in the bible - I've been doing a lot of reading of Christian books but not so much of the bible - so I hope I can see the bible in a year through and I really look forward to the discussions with the community.