The MonkeyBar Challenge 2011

Take the MonkeyBar Challenge 2011! Sign yourself up by clicking here and we'll send you weekly emails with the reading plan along with links and thoughts on each of the week's readings (including some questions for reflection and discussion).

What is The MonkeyBar Challenge?

The MonkeyBar Challenge is designed to help you read the whole Bible in a year through 2011. We all find it easy to start out with good intentions, but it can be really difficult to stay the course. The MonkeyBar Challenge breaks the year up into 13 MonkeyBars - each one takes 4 weeks to complete - so you can get through the Bible one chunk at a time.

The MonkeyBar Challenge is hosted by Community of Readers, a thoughtful playground for exploring the Bible. So you won't be taking the Challenge alone! Last year, about three hundred people set out with us to read the most incredible story ever told. Join us, as we discover together our place in the ancient plotline.

Community reading ideas

If you know other people who want to take The MonkeyBar Challenge with you, why not arrange to meet up every four weeks - each time you complete a MonkeyBar. As well as whooping in celebration at your achievement you could share your experiences with that part of the Bible.


1. The forum has loads of MonkeyBar content already where you can engage with a wider community. Any thoughts, questions, reflections, ideas - just put them down (they don't need to be polished) and see what others have to say.

2. Join our The MonkeyBar Challenge Facebook Group where you can share your reading experiences.

3. Follow us on Twitter @coreaders We'll be tweeting more regular encouragements and tips on reading the Bible.