Welcome to Community of Readers

The Bible is a library that just begs to be explored. And Community of Readers is a place to explore it. This is a space to learn and grow; a safe place to try out new things. It’s a moment for reflective fun even as we ask deeply challenging questions about the way we live in the world. Welcome to Community of Readers, a thoughtful playground for exploring the Bible.

First things first: you need some playmates. There’s plenty registered here on the website, where you can share ideas and questions. But you could also grab some friends and host your own little Community of Readers where you can meet and chat and wrestle with the most incredible book ever compiled.

This thoughtful playground aims to build various pieces of equipment to challenge and excite you. Currently ready for play we have The Monkey-Bars to test our endurance as we read the entire Bible through a year. Under construction, there’s the Swings where we’ll read from one perspective, and then another. Hopping on the Roundabout will take us spinning creatively through the text of our everyday culture. And the Slide is the exhilarating journey into the imaginative Sandbox on postmodern reading.

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Whether you’re a Bible-rookie or a seasoned scholar it’s time to play! And it’s time to read…