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Silent Screaming - 2 Samuel 13

Rape. Not a subject you hear much about on Sunday mornings in church. Not a subject you talk about over dinner. Not a subject anyone really likes to talk about. Yet here it is in the middle of 2 Samuel; rape is exposed, written about and brought out into the open. There is a reason this story is in the Bible, and it’s not something we should skip over because we find the subject difficult.

Rape is a daily reality for women all over the world. In the UK there are 167 reported rapes per day. In the Democratic Republic of Congo a recent study by the American Journal of Public Health found that a woman is raped every 85 seconds. A woman made in the image of God, being abused by another made in the image of God. This is a destruction of humanity at its very core.

Let’s get one myth out of the way: rape is about power, control and the destruction of a woman . It is not about lust. And let’s tackle a second myth: apart from places (like the DRC) where rape is used as a weapon of war, a woman is far more likely to be raped by someone she knows and trusts than by a complete stranger.

And so it is with Amnon’s rape of Tamar, his sister.